Area Designer:Edit

By Heimdall. (Revised by Infoteq, Dranor, and Lifetaker)


2e11s;open panel;2e (from OId Trail Protector)


Once splendid and proud, ruling the Eastern Desert from deep within a mountain, the ancient Kingdom of Rhyoden is now a ghost of its former self.  Quite literally, a ghost, as all its inhabitants are now rumored to be held in a spectral state, awaiting a return to its former glory.  
What little information is known about the ancient kingdom speaks of its great champion as still alive deep within the stronghold, and a master mage attempting to restore its inhabitants to life.  Even adventurers of tremendous strength and repute have met their doom here...

Mobs of Note:Edit

All the mobiles in this area are resist physical damage.  Use your 25 INT wodding mage in Rhyoden!

Valik (Cloak of Invisibility - Part of the Deathly Hallows), Captain Cyro (combat jumpsuit), Andrus, Siawyn, Quagar

General Zone Strategies:Edit

The ghostly soldiers are not aggressive, but will attack sleeping characters.  The ghostly lieutenants are evil aggressive.  
The Kingdom of Rhyoden is part of a larger area, The Troglodyte Caves and Outpost .  I have split the two areas because they comprise many rooms, and each zone has a different set of goals, being somewhat unrelated in scope and story.
To enter Rhyoden, find the Gate Guardian and get his Ring of Rhyoden.  Proceed to the gate guards and obtain the Rhyoden Gate Key.  Find Cyro and obtain his key.  General Quagar is upstairs on the second floor.  Either squad Quagar (zone will reset occupied) by establishing a gate (Quagar is not aggro) or grapple chain him.  Quagar provides the key to Siawyn.  Siawyn holds the key to the secret cave near the Old Trail Protector and Aliste (bracers) his lover, Liana (slick gloves).  Andrus, the Master Archmage, is upstairs from Siawyn.
Every mob in this zone is resist phys! so be prepared for long melee.  Bring your big +dam sets or wodding big +int mages.
The stockade room, lower floor, far east, has a cabinet and desk that hold keys to the lockers on the ground floor. Use a picking thief to open the cabinet and desk to get these keys.


jumpsuit, combat Rhyoden Captain Cyro about 10 6 1 1
cape, bright green Rhyoden locker about 0 1 -4 -2 -2
bracers, Aliste's Rhyoden Aliste arm 10 7 3 2 1
arm plates, black metal Rhyoden gate guardian arm 0 g! 7 0
sleeves, studded leather Rhyoden lieutenant arm 0 1 0
sleeves, pair of Rhyoden troglodyte clansman arm 0 1 0 enchantable
breast plate, black metal Rhyoden gate guardian body 0 !e 36 0 -6 -3 enchantable -42
platemail, graven Rhyoden ghostly soldier body 0 15 0 -6 best enchant
shirt, bright green Rhyoden locker body 0 3 0
jacket, scale mail Rhyoden troglodyte clansman body 0 9 0 enchantable
silver chalice Rhyoden ice demon canteen 0 0 0 21 units/2 wt
boots, black metal Rhyoden gate guardian foot 0 g! 6 0 enchantable
gauntlets, black metal Rhyoden gate guardian hand 0 g! 6 0
helm, black Rhyoden gate guardian head 0 g! 10 0
hat, strategist Rhyoden General Quagar head 0 -10 4 2 2
crown, laurel Rhyoden Siawyn head L 20 !mcpnjsb !donate !e 10 3 1 2
leggings, arcane Rhyoden Andrus leg 20 0 15 15 10%
leg plates, black metal Rhyoden gate guardian leg 0 g! 14 0
pants, studded leather Rhyoden lieutenant leg 0 4 0
pants, studded leather Rhyoden troglodyte clansman leg 0 4 0 enchantable
medallion, purple heart Rhyoden Siawyn neck L 15 4 6 1 5
necklace, wisdom Rhyoden Valik neck 0 g! 0 1 3 -2
ring, black onyx Rhyoden Quagar ring 15 2 5 3 2
ring, sapphire, dazzling Rhyoden skeletal fist ring 0 1 1 1
reinforced oaken door Rhyoden ghostly lieutenant shield 0 8 -3 6 -3
shield Rhyoden troglodyte clansman shield 0 !donate 2 0 enchantable
Staff of the Magi Rhyoden Andrus weapon 15 6D4 15 18 3 15
greatsword, broken Rhyoden broken cart weapon 0 1D3 2 0 enchantable
The Greatsword Rhyoden gate guardian weapon 12 3D8 14 4 2 2
Ghost Sword Rhyoden ghostly soldier weapon 0 3D6 11 -12 -2 -10
dagger Rhyoden rack weapon 0 1D4 3 0
knife, long serrated Rhyoden troglodyte clansman weapon 0 1D5 3 0 enchantable