Before you can ascend to the ranks of the Immortal, (or more likely, remort in an endless cycle of improving your character statistics and regen factors), you must perform an equipment "sacrifice" to the Gods. 

You have enough experience to gain immortality!  Do you want more?

Once you have attained the necessary amount of experience points to attain immortality (or "immort"), you need to collect equipment with + attributes to sacrifice to the Gods.  

For example, a doorknob from the dirty white door of the Muppet Theater zone has a +10 hit attribute.  Therefore, this item would count +10 toward the total amount of attributes needs to perform a successful sacrifice.

The first time you immort you are asked to sacrifice items worth at least 150 + attributes.  For each subsequent immort, you are asked for an additiona 150 + attributes, until you hit 600 + attributes.  All remorts after three remorts cost 600 + attributes to perform a successful sacrifice.


Immort Attribute Totals Gold
1 150 1,000,000
2 300 1,000,000
3 450 1,000,000
4+ 600 1,000,000


Some of the items you sacrifice must include a LIMITED flag.  These are items that will only load in game on zone reset if less than a max limit of those items are currently active in game.

You will also be asked to provide at least 1,000,000 coins for a sacrifice.  BEWARE.  All gold in inventory AND your bank account for the immorting character will be drained.  Be sure to move all of your gold into your other character accounts, with the exception of 1,000,000 coins, before you perform your sacrifice.


staff, flaming white onyx Erinyes Abyss 26
amulet, black Black Abishai Abyss 14
Stone, Emerald Jaculi Camelot 15
robes, mystic Mystic Dragon Camelot 26
mage bracers, Merlin's Merlin Camelot 20
ruby ring, small Matron One Drow 13
Hooves of Taurus Taurus Galaxy 16
robe, damp black High Priestess Goblin Caves 14
naginata lieutenant Greza 25
ninja-to warlock Greza 12
astrolabe Captain Lost Ship 17
poncho, chameleon floor Mage Tower 25
breast plate, gilded gold Tyrgoth Mahn-tor 15
staff, knarled magius amyrok Mahn-tor 13
brooch, life Sumaron Mahn-tor 12
cloak, monk's Maynard Monastery 16
spray bottle Beauregarde Muppet Theater 16
nunchaku, plastic Michaelangelo Muppet Theater 15
beak, Bird Bird's Big Bird Muppet Theater 15
wrath of allah Allah New Thalos 18
boots, mohican Poopeye New Thalos 16
cloak, dark green Beholder Old Thalos 15
small hot ball of fire Efreeti Pyramid 20
eagle standard, imperial flag bearer Ravenna 22
graven cross Telemachus Ravenna 18
sandals, winged mercury Rome 27
armlets, white silk lieutenant Skara Brae - Deep Forest 14
compass, Mad Mapmaker's Mad
Skara Brae - Deep Forest 15
medallion, Obi-wan Kenobi chest Star Wars 18
greaves, glass Princess Leia Star Wars 16
Gavel of Minos Minos Underworld 15
sash, fine silk Lesk Wamphyri Aerie 29
dress, white leather Karen Wamphyri Aerie 19
talisman, innocent blood Dweller Wamphyri Aerie 13


I've arranged the list above by zone.  I would suggest running each zone continuously until you get the item drops you're looking for.