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3e3nen2en2en (Fred, New Thalos)

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40 minutes (empty)


The very name evokes thoughts of peace, freedom, safety and security. Undoubtedly, the former Illsigi slaves who founded the city surrounding a tiny fishing village dreamed of such when they named their new refuge. Today, their dream is as dead as the Illsigi Empire from which those slaves fled. Sanctuary was discovered by the Illsigs, absorbed into their empire, and became the largest trading city in the south. Decades later, the Great Pass was opened through the northern mountains, and the caravans stopped coming. The once great city fell swiftly into decay. Sanctuary became the home of the outcast, the dispossesed, those who simply had nowhere else to go. Now the Rankans have come, determined to stamp out all vestiges of the old Illsig Empire. Sanctuary? Oh the irony. A den of thieves, both highborn and low. A cesspool of intrigue, from government bureaucrats to priests, from Mages to the lowliest Downwind beggar, where one is more likely to find a dagger in his back, or poison in his drink, than prosperity. If you must go to Sanctuary, book passage in New Thalos on a ship crossing the Dragon Sea, or follow the road across the Floodland from Skara Brae.

Osmium has provided a very accurate representation of the Thief City Sanctuary from the Thieve's World series.  A must visit for any serious JediMUD adventurer.

Mobs of Note:Edit

Demi-lich - (Mace of St. Cuthbert), Hanse - (blowgun), Honald - (enlibrite sword), Gordonesh - (Thunderstone of Ils), Erich - (amulet of void, onyx necklace), Tempus Thales - (pink sword, leather belt, tin ring, jagged chip of onyx), water weird - (flask of weirdling water), Zalbar - (kite shield), Prince Kadathikis - (engraved brass bracer), Sikkintair - (Mace of Ils), Molin Torcholder - (Fist of Vashanka), Mizraith - (mystical silk leggings), Markmoor - (flimsy shield), Jubal - (hawk mask), Lady Amoli - (krrf), Aye-Golphan - (embossed targe), Cime - (leather leggings, diamond hair pins), Alten Stulwig - (ceramic, battledraught, ehrlenmeyer, stone flask, glittering, and opaque potions), Melilot -(key to governor's house)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

This is a large zone that is fun to explore in mid-level groups or as a solo adventurer.  While the equipment that loads here is mostly low to mid-level and has become obsolete by newer zone loads,  The Mace of St. Cuthbert used to be the best weapon for good clerics but has been replaced by McGriff's Bat.  The engraved brass bracers are great low/mid level +2 dam armwear.  Pieces of the Ephod and other constructible parts load here.   The krrf (or drug) water container loads here.  The talisman of the void loads in the Abandoned Cathedral sub-zone.  Mystical silk leggings load here on Mizraith.


amulet, heqt Sanctuary City Samlor hi Samt key 20 e! 0 0
amulet, thunderstone ils Sanctuary City Gordonesh neck 10 n! 0 1 1 -1 lightning
Aura of Arrogance Sanctuary City Prince Kadikithis about 30 0 1 1
battledraught Sanctuary City Alten Stulwig potion 0 0 0 armor, magical vestment, bless
belt, leather Sanctuary City Tempus Thales waist 3 2 0 1 -1
blowgun Sanctuary City Hanse weapon 0 6D3 12 4 2 2
bracelet, tin Sanctuary City Tempus Thales wrist 0 2 10 10 -1
bracers, engraved brass Sanctuary City Prince Kadathikis wrist 14 !g 1 2 2 -5%
ceramic Sanctuary City Alten Stulwig potion 0 0 0 blind, regenerate, waterwalk
crown, brass Sanctuary City head 0 !g 10 3 1 2
crystal pig Sanctuary City glassblower light 10 0 2 2
dagger, blue Sanctuary City Jubal weapon 10 !n 3D7 12 3 2 1
deep green Sanctuary City potion 0 0 0 stone skin, blindness
drug, krrf Sanctuary City Amoli canteen 0 0 0 50 units/5 wt
ehrlenmeyer Sanctuary City Alten Stulwig potion 0 0 0 cause critical, aid, hold
flask of weirdling water Sanctuary City Water Weird canteen 0 0 0 summoner's charm
flask, stone Sanctuary City Alten Stulwig potion 0 0 0 ruby slippers blind, strength, recall
glittering Sanctuary City Alten Stulwig potion 0 0 0 harm, invis, sleep
gong, small bronze Sanctuary City Lythande hold 0 0 0 teleport
hair pins, diamond Sanctuary City Cime head 10 12 0 4 -2 w/remove curse
hawk mask Sanctuary City Jubal head 15 e! 16 7 2 5
leggings, leather Sanctuary City Cime leg L 9 30 5 5 5%
leggings, mystical silk Sanctuary City Mizraith leg 15 30 15 15 5%
leggings, plate Sanctuary City Razkuli, Quag, Bourne, Zalbar, Aye-Golphan leg 0 12 0 enchantable
linen, finely twisted gold Sanctuary City Enas Yorl hand 5 !e 0 4 2 2 ephod
Mace of Ils Sanctuary City Sikkintair weapon 15 !e 6D3 12 4 2 2
Mace of St. Cuthbert Sanctuary City demi-lich weapon 15 g! 6D4 15 4 2 2
mace, fist of vashanka Sanctuary City Molin Torcholder weapon 10 4D4 10 2 3 -1
mail, banded Sanctuary City Aye-Golphan body 0 21 0 enchantable
onyx, jagged chip Sanctuary City Tempus Thales treasure 0 0 0 blindsight
opaque Sanctuary City Alten Stulwig potion 0 0 0 harm, invisibility, sleep
pendant, sandal (thufir) Sanctuary City Samlor hi Samt neck 5 !e 0 2 2
ring, tin Sanctuary City Tempus Thales ring 5 0 6 1 5
Savankh Sanctuary City Prince Kadakithis hold 0 3 0
shield, embossed targe Sanctuary City Aye-Golphan shield 9 8 2 1 1
shield, flimsy Sanctuary City Markmoor shield 0 3 1 1
shield, kite Sanctuary City Zalbar shield 0 9 -11 -1 -10
sleeves, plate Sanctuary City Razkuli, Quag, Bourne, Zalbar, Aye-Golphan arm 0 6 0 enchantable
staff, Magius Sanctuary City Enas Yorl weapon 15 !e 7D2 11 3 1 2
sword, enlibrite Sanctuary City Honald weapon 12 !e 6D4 15 4 2 2 best enchant
sword, pink Sanctuary City Tempus Thales weapon 18 8D2 12 0