Sharing CharactersEdit

As noted under policy password, if you share your password you are by definition choosing to take a risk.  If you choose to share a character, you are responsible for any and all consequences that may follow.  The administration is not responsible for the loss of any characters, equipment, or gold that may result from disputes over shared characters.  Please note that many, many, many friendships have fallen apart over the years as a result of disputes over shared property and characters -- do not take the risk unless you are willing to accept the possibility that the other person/people using your character may not always act in accordance with your wishes.  For instance, he or she may get the character frozen, sell it, share the password with other people without telling you, sell or give away the character's gear, or self-delete the character -- all of these things have happened before and will no doubt happen again.  Your password is your ONLY protection against having other people using your character however they see fit at the moment.
NEVER share a character with anyone unless you are 100% willing to accept whatever they may choose to do with it.