Emerald Maze

Constructible Type:Edit



The three foot blade of this broadsword is about a half hand span in width and the steel is etched with an eerie finish that makes the surface seem to ripple in the light, like the waters of a pond right after a child throws a stone and shatters the water's placid surface. The shimmering steel betrays the fact that this blade has some potent magical properties, but there is a certain sense of sadness linked to the weapon: a feeling of longing that cannot be put into words. Just holding the broadsword in your hands makes you feel somehow incomplete. The blade has a hand and a half grip with tiny chips of green stone set into a pommel held to the tang with simple leather bindings. Some of the chips are missing, however, as are some of the bindings. You can't help but wonder if anything else is missing.


The hilt of the broadsword is set with tiny chips of malachite and bound with a grip made from strips of worn leather, though both some of the chips and some of the bindings are missing. There are some markings on the leather.

There are no obvious clues that refer to the construction of this broadsword located in the Emerald Maze. Perhaps the rationale behind collecting these ingredients lies in the heat of the meteor melting the broken shards to form the sword.

Required Components:Edit

1 shard of a shattered blade (Emerald Maze level two gardener)
1 meteor (Emerald Maze level one on ground)

Assembly Command::Edit

make broadsword

Additional Info::Edit

The Shimmering Broadsword can be combined with additional items to create the Possessed Steel Broadsword, and ultimately, The Iris-Godbane, Sentient Steel Broadsword, a powerful 7D4 +2dam +2dex weapon.