Singing sword

The Singing Sword is a powerful Bardic class weapon assembled via in-game quest. ? Wielded, it is a non-aligned 7D4 +3 +3 weapon (mL 20).

The? Singing Sword? is the primary weapon of the fictional character? Prince Valiant, a? Knight of the Round Table? in the service of? King Arthur, in the long running? comic strip? Prince Valiant.? Hal Foster? created? Prince Valiant? in 1937.

The Singing Sword's first appearance in? Prince Valiant? lore came in the "Ilene Abducted" story, first published in 1938. In this story, the original owner of the sword is Prince Arn of Ord, Valiant's rival for the beautiful maid Ilene. The two men put aside their differences when their beloved is kidnapped by? Viking? raiders. Arn lends Valiant the charmed sword so that he can hold off their pursuers while Arn rides ahead to free Ilene. The pair's efforts prove futile; they discover she was killed in a shipwreck. Arn gives the Singing Sword to Valiant following this adventure, and the two part as friends. Later in the series, the Singing Sword is established as a sister to King Arthur's? Excalibur.[1]

The Singing Sword

The Bone of a Fiend's Serpent- Sea-Snake, Dragon Sea (east of Tempest DT)

A Blacksmith's Hammer- Rufinus, Ravenna

Wisp Crystal-- Will O’ the Wisp, Canaith College

A Glittering Circlet-- Animated Recorder, Doss College

Harper's Pin-- President, Ollahm College

Essence of Music-- Dean, Anstruth College

Worn Long sword-- Master of Longsword , Cli College

The clues are found with Cyrix and Cappen Varra:


Cappen Varra chuckles in response to a question from a bystander. 'Yes, everyone keeps asking me about the legends concerning that sword, but I know little more than you do.'

Cappen Varra says, 'According to an old manuscript I saw as a youth, such a sword once existed. It wasn't a particularly reliable manuscript, though -- it was one of the most inaccurate histories of the land that I've ever seen. For what it's worth, it claimed that creation of the sword required seven songs, seven magical items, and seven of some five other things I can't recall. But all I remember beyond that is that just thinking about it made me want seven cups of mead!'

Cyrix glances up at you, then goes back to typing. "I don't have time to chat with you right now. Need to find that singing sword."

Cyrix pulls out some hair, bangs his head on the desk, mutters under his breath, and returns to work, pointedly ignoring you.

Cyrix glances up at you again. "Do you know where to find the enchanted hammer? Didn't think so. Useless, they're all useless." He returns to his frantic typing, muttering under his breath.

Cyrix mutters as he types, "No one has even heard of Calydone. ' Everything else is here, everything but the keys. Not just a legend, can't be just a legend, must find it all."