Sir Celfivl Prantroc is a valiant paladin renowned world-wide for his honor and brutal efficiency in battle. He stands rather short by normal standards, but he has the broad shoulders of a blacksmith and he walks with the confident stride of an experienced warrior. Gleaming silver plate mail encases his stocky body, but his fine armor has been battered and rent by claws and his flowing scarlet cape has been singed at the edges. He strides among his foes swinging a huge axe with infamously deadly accuracy.

Sir Celfivl Prantroc, Holy Warrior of the Church is using:
<worn on head> a gleaming silver helm (glowing)
<worn on feet> burnished steel boots
<worn on hands> a pair of plate gauntlets
<worn on arms> a pair of plate sleeves
<worn about body> a scarlet cape




Medal of Honor



pzar max, blocking sw,


Celfivl can be rangered (use pets) and squadded, but you'll need to fumble him as he casts PZAR MAX.