Sohei monk

The Japanese fighting monk, a sohei.




The sohei is a warrior-monk of Eastern mythos, a member of a militant order of religious soldiers whose purpose is to defend large monasteries from attack, or advance their order's interests in the outer world. They are less effective in combat than a warrior, but they have the added benefit of their mystical powers. Sohei's possess what is considered the oldest and most primitive form of magic on JediMud. Drawing upon powers from deep within themselves they find many of their combat skills to be magically enhanced. In addition to enhanced combat skills it is said that their body has been enhanced and is rumored to be the reason why Sohei's often prefer their own fist over steel and iron. The primary statistics for a sohei vary with how you choose to play your character. Some skills are enhanced by a high DEXTERITY, while others may be enhanced by a high INTELLIGENCE score. A high CONSTITUTION is always a good thing to have. A sohei can be of any alignment. Like all classes, the sohei can increase his skills by using the PRACTICE command.


 (1) Kick                               Barehands 
 (2) Spinning Bird                      Focus                        
 (6) Detect Alignment 
 (7) Pound 
 (8) Detect Invisibility                Infravision 
 (9) Remove Poison 
(10) Sense Life                         Tiger Paw 
(11) Enhanced Endurance 
(12) Detect Magic 
(13) Pummel                             Strength 
(15) Invisible 
(16) Resilience
(17) Dancing Monkey 
(18) Teleport 
(19) Disarm 
(20) Meditate 
(21) Inner Gateway 
(22) Counterstrike 
(23) Cure Blindness 
(24) Waterwalk                          Enlightenment 
(25) Fists of Fury 
(26) Remove Invis                       Group Enlightenment 
(27) Magical Script                     Mana Channel 
(28) Group Invis 
(29) Strike



Okay, so you've decided that the only way to solo Ogaan in the Golden Pagoda is to grow a Sohei, and grow he or she into multi-remort grandeur.  It's a good idea because now that strike and counter-strike is enhanced to accomodate multi-remort sohei class characters, your sohei is even more powerful than before.

But how do you play a sohei?  What the heck are all these weird skills?


Bare hands is a passive skill that allows your sohei to fight effectively without a weapon.

Level     Dice     Average


1         7d1          7
3         8d1          8
5         6d2          9
7         5d3         10
10        6d3         12
13        7d3         14
15        5d5         15
20        6d4         15
25        4d7         16
28        7d4         17.5



The level 2 focus ability allows a sohei to enchance the effects of specific melee combat skills in the following ways:

Detail of the benefits of the focus ability.
Focused Ability Level Mana
Enhanced Combat Effect
Spinning Bird 2 15 Kick
Tiger Paw 10 25 Pound
Enhanced Endurance 11 3 Reduced Movement Cost
Resilience 16 10 Reduced Damage
Dancing Monkey 17 30 Pummel
Counterstrike 22 20 % Chance of Double Hit
Fists of Fury 25 15 Double Hit

The key element to understand when focusing on a particular melee skill is the focal mana cost.  The cost is deducted PER USE, or whenever you employ the skill.  For example, with Bird, Paw or Monkey, you are "charged" the focal cost per discharge of the skill.  In the case of Endurance, Resilience, or Fist, you are charged per move or per round accordingly.

While focus is an intriguing ability, the massive mana cost nerfs it's contribution to the class at levels under 27, when the sohei can practice the Mana Channel spell and increase available mana. (Mana channel allows the sohei to increase mana by draining hit points from a target mob.)

In order to make best use of focus in melee (before level 27 and mana channel) use the MEDITATE skill in conjunction with your favorite cleric.  Because meditate will take your current hit point, mana and movement stats and average them accordingly, have the cleric heal, rejuv or restore you (as needed) prior to meditating.


At level 24, your sohei can practice the ENLIGHTENMENT skill which provides bonus experience per melee round and mob kill. The length and amount of bonus experience provided is dependent on your intelligence stat.  At level 26, your sohei can acquire the GROUP ENLIGHTENMENT skill which will provide additional experience bonuses to your group.

18 4%


At level 27, your sohei can practice the spell MANA CHANNEL which will provide a large amount of mana to your sohei upon successful cast vs. a mob.

Here's is a list of mobs that will provide the best opportunity to single cast a large amount of additional mana for use with your sohei's focus ability:

Mob Area Mana Gain
Female Minstrel New Thalos 422


A highly experienced sohei can channel all of his or her energy (hp, mana, and moves) into one spectacular strike to a victim.  The sohei cannot be wielding a weapon when using strike.

The formula for the maximum damage from strike is 1,000 + (25 * remorts)



Expect fairly average level gains in hit points and mana with a sohei.

19 7 12 6