Spam  Edit

The channels and boards were created so that players could express ideas and communicate. They were not created for harassment or so that people could see how easy it is to scroll the screen of someone fighting. As such, we ask the following:

  1. Please exercise courtesy toward your fellow mudders by limiting the usage of offensive language on public channels. This will help to contribute to a more friendly atmosphere, which a wider variety of people can enjoy.
  1. As a general rule of thumb, if others are asking you to tone down your language, the polite thing to do is to comply.  The admin have the authority to require compliance when they deem it necessary, and they will have the final say on what is considered to be offensive as it pertains to this rule.
  1. Please keep flames to tell or mail. Rampant flaming on gossip or other public channels can result in a noshout.
  1. Please limit use of channels to 3 instances in a row. This means, basically, that aliases that scroll channels, whether they be tintin or jedi aliases, are not allowed. Gossiping a word one letter at a time is also out. Basically, if you are spamming players, expect a noshout.
  1. Tellbombs are not allowed. Period. If someone complains to an upper level imm that you have sent them 100 tells in a row, expect action to be taken. There is nothing nice about sending someone so many tells that they can't see their screen.
Harassment is NOT accepted. Please see 'policy harassment'. Basically the 'be nice to others and they'll be nice to you' concept applies.