Staff of many parts

The Staff of Many Parts (or commonly, SOMP) is an assembly item comprised of several rare staves:

Heavy Oak StaffSmall Mage, Moria

Long Iron Rodon ground, Lair of the Cave Fishers (!rent)

Ethereal Flame -- Bodyless Soul, Straight Path

Flaming White Onyx StaffErinyes, Abyss

Bone StaffNergi, Aralu

The staff is enchantable, and the best enchant yields a 8D3 +2+2 (16 AVG/RD) mageable weapon.


(Found in Merlin's Laboratory, Camelot)
This book describes an enchantment Merlin once did for a young knight from castle deGrance. The young knight had come to join the quest for the Holy Grail and brought with him a weapon of singular quality. The account goes on to describe how his exceptional war staff had been forged from the gifts of the earth: strong iron, sturdy oak, hard onyx, and bone from the grave -- myriad staves wrought into one by the fire of the human spirit. With the aid of Merlin's magic, it became a truly magnificent weapon for the young knight's quest. Alas, such a worthy weapon wasn't to give rise to glorious deeds. When the bold knight went forth on his quest, he followed the guidance of a dream mage and searched in unknown and shadowy realms. When he returned, it was said he had been strangely changed, and that his very presence brought doom and despair. Even his homeland has been afflicted with continual war since he returned. When he was finally slain, it was ordered that his name be stricken from every record, and it may be that this account is the last mention of his marvelous staff.