Strength is a measure of how strong your character is. This modifies how much weight you can carry and how hard you hit, both in ordinary combat and using specialized battle skills based on strength. Fighter type classes have a chance of getting an additional percentile score if they have an 18 strength, increasing their strength even beyond the normal human maximum. Remort characters may also increase their strength past 18.

The highest possible natural strength is 18/100 (18 and 100% strength-additional).

Damage BonusEdit

Exceptional strength provides the player with a damage bonus per the following table:

18/20 +1
18/40 +2
18/60 +3
18/80 +4
19 +5
20 +6
21 +7
22 +8


24 +10
25 +11

You can review your current damage bonus at any phrenologist's shop, located in Midgaard, New Thalos and Skara Brae, through the "buy analysis" command. Costs for the service will vary by player character level.