The DikuMUD Family TreeEdit

JediMUD was a relative late-comer to the diku family tree.  Here's a pretty cool diagram of the divergence of code bases across the diku genetic pool.  (from

The Oldest DikuMuds
Diku MUD Gamma
Diku MUD Alfa
Copper MUD
Merc MUD
Merc MUD 2
Envy MUD
The Isles MUD
Smaug MUD
Vego MUD
Pirate MUD
Sequent MUD
Silly MUD
Dale MUD
Phoenix MUD
Circle MUD Jedi MUD

If you have any additional information or corrections, please email them to us. Thanks to Realms of Despair for the original version of this family tree and to Mr. Derek Snider. In addition to this family tree, AxL has recently started keeping a list of the oldest still-running DikuMuds around.

History of DikuMUD

According to Diku co-creator, Sebastian Hammer:

"The game originated at the Department of Computer Science at the
 University of Copenhagen (in Danish: Datalogisk Institut ved K|benhavns
 Universitet; or, amongst friends: DIKU) The foundations of the code were
 laid out in March of 1990. Our background (Mud-wise) wasprimarily
 Abermud LpMud was just emerging at the time), and our object was to make
 a better AberMud. We wanted to make it fast, compact andCPU-efficient.
 We wanted to  allow more than the 18 (or so) players-at-a-time that
 AberMuds permitted in those days, and we wanted a bigger world, so that
 players could truly get lost in there (back then, 500 room AberMuds seem
ed the norm). Also, we wanted to make it more interesting for players to 
cooperate, rather than just run madly around in search of beasts to kill."