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Ras (CircleMUD)
Modified by Taz of Tazmania


When you enter the game as an IMM, you will start in room 200, the business office of the God Complex. The series of 32+ rooms are arranged in an upward spiral around the central courtyard, rising skyward, aspiring to the Heavens.


Immortals, players that have attained some basic understanding of the game and are ready to help support the day-to-day administration of the game, can be given a room in the god complex in order to conduct business away from active areas in the MUD.
The God Complex is an array of rooms that are dedicated to the support staff of the MUD.
The God Complex, written entirely by the occupants who served in high-ranking administrative service, is a fascinating collection of tributes, memoirs, and affirmations for their friends, hobbies, inspirations, and nemeses. Unadulterated, and un-edited for the most part, the God Complex is a look behind-the-scenes at the people who were the personalities of JediMUD over the years, especially between 1992 - 1998.

Map Index:[]


201   <32+>

202   Onivel and Moonbeam's Private Office <32+>   

203 Kailyn's Sanctuary <32+>

204  Doc's Office <32+>

205 Free From Distraction <32+>

206   A Haven for Wenches <32+>


209 The Great Hall of Cogitasne

204 Doc's Office


253 Althea's Room

217 Hall of the Dark Lord

257 Mandy's Room

206 A Haven for Wenches

254 Evening at the Folies-Bergere

256 In a Dinky Apartment

218 The Haven

205 Free From Distraction

268 On the Quad

212 Val's Mountain Cabin

214 Triana's Stellar Fragment

269 The Realm of Silence


261 The Mosh Pit

263 The Obsidian Tower


267 Zooropa's Music Store

262 Stormblade's Sanctum

264 The Shoe Box

265 The Montreal Canadiens' Locker Room


258 Myst's Forest Hideaway

255 The Fall of Man -- Throne Room of JackyBlaque

271 Crank's Rock'n Bedroom

210 JMON's Bar and Grill

200 Implementors' Business Office (#200) []

This is where the implementors of Jedi conduct their day to day dealings with others. The room is very comfortable with finely upholstered chairs and a mahogany desk, end tables, book shelves, and wall paneling.  A keyboard and monitor emerge from the desk at the push of a button, laying control of the realms at the implementors' fingertips.
A small red fire alarm has been installed in the wall. 

201 <32+>[]

202 Onivel and Moonbeam's Private Office <32+> []

203 Kailyn's Sanctuary <32+>[]

204 Doc's Office <32+>[]

205 Free From Distraction <32+>[]

206  A Haven for Wenches <32+>[]

207 Kaeli's Mountainside[]

As the sky above you turns a dusty orange, you find yourself standing on a steep, rocky slope, high in the mountains.  The creek beside you rushes noisily down toward the green valley below as its frigid snow-fed waters clatter over the colored stones in its bed. Your face turns red as a chilly wind surrounds you with clean, icy air.  Further up the mountain, unclimbable slabs of snow-laden granite near the peak forbid further ascent. The iced peaks across the valley cover violet rocky crags in the distance, and you realize how tempting it would be to lose yourself up here forever, never to return to the wicked chaos of civilization below. As you look across the stream and see Kaeli absent-mindedly dropping stones into the water, you wonder if this is not in fact what she has done.
Kaeli looks up at you with a sense of surprise, and begins to smile. Clearly you are welcome here.

208  Strawberry Fields []

All around you is a huge field, full of strawberries and flowers. The man you saw in the raincoat at the entrance is here, up in a tangerine tree and playing an acoustic guitar.  The sky is a marmalade colour and as you look closely, you notice that all the flowers are made of cellophane.  
Rockinghorse people run by you, and a yellow submarine drifts slowly behind them. Bungalow Bill is off to the north, hunting elephants, but it looks like he isn't doing very well, and he may need a little help from his friends Rocky Racoon and Captain Marvel. A man with multi-coloured boots tips his hat at you, and then soars off to greet Lucy, who floating in the sky with diamonds.  A walrus appears out of nowhere, and from a hole in the sky come the eggmen and the nowhere man.  Maxwell is having fun bonking the flowers, and pile of Norwegian wood has been left for a campfire.  The fool on the hill is here, contemplating other realities and is seeing the world spin round. The Count's number 9 is here as well, still intoning.  As you stop to wonder where you are, a Rainbow portal opens and the Beatles step out.  All around you, posters appear, seeming to hang in mid-air. Althea is off to the west, and to the east is Penny Lane.  This place is even sunnier than Sesame Street, and you feel very peaceful and content to stay here and drift to sleep.

209  The Great Hall of Cogitasne[]

To your utter astonishment you find yourself at the northern entrance to an enormous hall.  The flagstones beneath your feet are of polished gray basalt blocks a pace square and the mortar between them is a clean, white color.  The walls are of the same fine stone but you can only see them in a few places where they show through the wall coverings.  Proud battle standards and pennons cover the walls, many of them tattered and not a few are faded, belonging to houses long vanished from the land.  Thick, marble columns flank the polished oaken doors and a roaring fire burns in the delicately carved fireplace set deeply into the southern wall.  Sturdy tables of oak run the length of the great hall and a huge table of fine, white ash sets upon a raised dais before the fire.  All manner of weapons hang from pegs on the southern wall and fierce warriors in gleaming scale mail stand at even intervals along the east and west walls, the right shoulder of their scarlet cloaks thrown back to free their sword arms.
Their hands rest lightly on the hilts of their swords.  On the mantle rest a gleaming broad sword and a brutal mace.  Draped from the wall above is one more standard, this one neither torn nor faded by the mists of time. 
A truly magnificent, scarlet dragon centered on a field of the purest white,this final standard tells you that you have entered the great hall of the warlord Cogitasne.  
Cogitasne smiles and warmly welcomes you.

210  JMON's Bar and Grill []

You enter a comfortable, dimly lit, smoky pub.  There are pool tables in the back and several dartboards on one side.  The bar shelf has over 150 different kinds of beer and the latest football pool hanging on it.  You also see rows of dart trophies from past victories.  The waitress is here serving the customers with a smile, you can't help but feel comfortable here.  
The owner JMON, is intently watching a game of darts until he sees you enter and gives you a hearty welcome.

211   Shanny's Rib Shack[]

Rickety ceiling fans twirl on the ceiling above you as you enter this establishment. It is crowded here, all the seats are taken and some people are eating standing up. But those that are standing are licking their fingers without complaint. The line at the counter is long and impatient as people try to make up their minds what style of ribs they would like. A tired, sweaty waitress takes orders and shovels them back an obviously overworked cook. The smell of barbecue fills your nostrils and you bounce with delight. You can hardly wait to sink your teeth into a thick, brown piece of meat. There is one round table in the far corner, covered with a red and white checkered tablecloth, that is unoccupied. This table is reserved for the proprietor of Shanny's Rib Shack and personal guests.
A large bulletin board hovers here above a halo.

212   Val's Mountain Cabin <32+>[]

213   The Stateroom of the HMS Beagle []

The soft warm glow of a lantern lights the room. A great desk sits in the middle of the room, barely visibile under the mess of papers and maps. A small lonely cot can be seen hidden behind the desk. Through the porthole a little moonlight pokes through.
A small plaque and picture hang above the bed behind the desk. It is exactly what how one imagines a mid 15th century cabin a sailing ship to look, except of course for the Hot Tub spa in the left hand corner, the Pulp Fiction poster with Uma Thurman, displaying all to see, on the back wall, and the Blue Jay's Jersey with 2 bats forming an X underneath it on the right hand wall ... beside the quaint porthole. The motion of the ship lets you know that we are entering rougher waters. You might want to say why you are here, cause Darwin needs to get the Hot Tub ready for the approaching storm.
On the picture you see the likenesses of several people:

Xap, Jenn, Jasmine, Free, Valaria, Avengerv, Destroyer and Kaeli.

And the inscription along the Edge of the frame reads: Friends forever.

214   Triana's Stellar Fragment []

From this vantage point in the heavans you can see the entire galaxy stretching away from you into infinity.  A bluish-purple haze fills the area above you while pink lightning flashes all around you, the white-hot tongues unleashing their fury on the surrounding landscape.  Vast mountains loom in the distance, their majestic forms draped in the loving embrace of towering pines.  Beside you a small brook playfully whispers over thousands of tiny crystal rocks, each emanating a unique, colorful light of their own.  The entire area here is covered with a bed of golden moss making this small secluded glade tranquil, comforting, and inviting.  A single crystal rose has been left here from someone very special.

215   <32+>[]

216   <32+>[]

217 Hall of the Dark Lord []

Entering this room, a feeling of uneasiness washes over you. Somehow you have been transported, and you dont know where to.  Looking through the orange mist caused by the small, smoky fires on the floor, its hard to distinguish anything, even the door just behind you has faded into the wall.  It appears that the walls of this huge room are carved right out of an onyx vein, probably miles underground judging from the pressure in your ears.  On one wall you can make out a great throne, carved into the onyx itself.  Flanking the throne is a tapestry, with a large tome in front of it, and a large glass showcase.  The other walls look like there is something on them, but you cant make it out. Evil eminates from the throne, but it pales in comparison to the Dark Lord himself.
Extra descs: tapestry painting book tome skull leather dress claw talon glass case fire flame wall onyx throne
This tapestry portrays Kalener back in the days of the crime network.
Fighting along side the great Wamphyre Azathoth, they seem to be fighting through hordes of knights.  Azathoth's blood red eyes, jet black hair and pale skin seem to be the exact opposite of Kalener, with his steel grey eyes, flowing silver hair and ebony skin.  The blood of their victims drenches them.  As you look at this picture for a while, you notice that it is not motionless, and the fight continues still.  Underneath is the inscription:
"As lives the evil in the hearts or mortals, the glory of Azathoth will never fade."
This tome tells the tale of the mortal lives of Kalener.  A servantof the Dark Lord in the second age, he fought valiantly in there service.
With his partner Azathoth, they ruled over the Aerie, and corrupted many a young adventurer to the path of evil. Continuing into the third age the dark elf and the Wamphyre fought for evil.  In service to his Lords, right before he was about to ascend the mortal plane, he died the final death.  The Dark Lords deemed Kalener was too valued to them in the mortal world, and they reincarnated him, to further the cause of evil. Working diligently for his Dark Lords he quickly regained his former power,  and as he was again about to ascend to immortalhood, the great cataclysm occured and the plane of the mortals was laid waste.
When the fourth age started, the Dark Lords made sure that Kalener was their to lead their cause on the mortal plane. Reaching the pinacle of power once again, he strove to become a Dark Lord himself, and he let nothing stand in his way.  He killed one of the gods, and drained the gods life force into himself, granting him his immortality.
Now as a Dark Lord, Kalener strives to keep the cause alive on the mortal plane, in addition to his duties on other planes.  He has been given authority over Hell itself, and his work in evil is never finished. 
Neither is this tome, many pages are still left empty.
Looking closely at this skull it seems that at one time it belonged to an immortal being, but the power seems to have been sucked dry by the Dark Lord.
The pile of white leather seems to come from the days long past, once worn by a powerful mortal whose power is even stronger now as a Dark Lord.
This seems to be the talon of the Pit Fiend himself, once wielded  by Kalener when he fought on the mortal plane for the glory of  the Dark.
Attached to the wall to the side of the throne is a glass case.  
Inside, resting on a matting of blood-soaked velvet is a gnarled claw from some great demon, a pile of ancient leather, and an odd skull, which seems to glow softly.  Standing near the small fires on the floor gives you the creeps.  It appears obvious that they are used in unspeakable rituals to contain the most powerful of demons when the Dark Lord deems necessary to punish them. The onyx has no seams, no breaks anywhere.  The only contrast on its glossy surface is a black tarry substance that has been used to write symbols all over.  Glancing back, the symbols dont seem quite the same as they were before, cautiously you back away towards the safey of the firelight. Looking closer, you notice arcane symbols drawn all over the stone.  Ancient symbols, written on the onyx in some black pitchlike substance are only discernable due to the contrast on the glossy onyx.  Glancing back, the symbols dont seem quite the same as they were before, cautiously you back away from this throne.

218 The Haven []

Your mistress has led you into an irresistible kingdom.  Upon entering this haven, your eyes are drawn to the huge waterbed in the center of the room and the cute teddy bear sitting in the middle of the bed.  There are also feathers lying on the floor that seem to be from an eagle.  Bach's Fugue in D Minor is softly playing in the background.  Looking around the room, you get the feeling that the owner might have some taste after all. On the walls are all the Beatles posters ever made, and in the one corner is an antique carousel horse.  This place makes you feel like home.

219   The Realm of the Builder[]

You stand in the center of a remarkable place.  Cataclysmic forces tore this realm from the fabric of reality, the walls themselves pulse with the raw energy of its creation.  The walls seem to shift with your changing mood, one moment they are made of precisely cut stone blocks and the next they are exquisitely carved wooden paneling.  The walls might not even be there at all, they only appear solid when you look directly at them.  From the corner of your eye you see a valiant fighter wielding a flaming sword but he is gone when you turn to face him.  In the center of the room stands a table and on it in a neat row are five golden chests.  The chests are labeled in an archaic script:  Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether the five basic elements from which all things are formed.  You stand in the transient world of the builder.  Anything is possible here, but only if you have the Imagination and the Creativity to create it.
There is a board here with various maps and notes clipped to it.

220   Heart of the God Complex[]

You find yourself in the heart of the god complex.  The radiantroom seems to contain infinite space yet it doesn't take any time to get from one place to another.  This is where the Gods enter the game and gather to just socialize.  Long vaulted marble corridors extend for miles in all directions leading to the rest of the complex.  Since there is no ceiling, just by thinking about it you can ascend into the heavens to visit where the Gods live (if they're receiving visitors at the moment).  Below you is the board room of the immortals.
There is a large bulletin board here, chiseled out of the ice.

221 Board Room of the Immortals []

This large room is well decorated, and lit from above by a soft magical glow of no particular origin.  Scattered around the room are comfortable chairs and piles of furs of various dimensions, and in the very middle there is a huge oaken table that shimmers in an odd manner.  A large picture window looks down over the whole world, showing the exploits of the many intrepid mortals. A spiral staircase leads down to another part of this room.
A large bulletin board hovers here above a halo.

222 Lower Board Room of the Immortals []

This room is a close twin to the main Immortal Board Room at the top of the spiral staircase here.  Your mind and body cannot help but relax as you gaze around this comfortable room, and hope that you will be able to linger here a while.  
A large bulletin board is mounted on a wall here.

223   Social Board Room of the Immortals []

This room is a close twin to the Lower Board Room at the top of the spiral staircase here.  Your mind and body cannot help but relax as you gaze around this comfortable room and hope that you will be able to linger here a while.
There is a board here with flashing neon lights that say PARTY.

224 Immortal Ice Box []

Here lie the frozen remains of mud players who just  couldn't play with the other kids in the sandbox.  It looks  like a very unpleasant way to spend one's gaming career and  you resolve never to be like these.

225   A Garden in a Grand Corridor []

Light radiates from everywhere.  As you pass down a marble-lined corridor that must easily be several hundred feet wide, you come to an area with a great variety of flowers and bushes.  Paths lead among the plants and sculpted hedges, and occasional benches are found in open areas of grass.  Angels and Gods pass casually about in their discussions.  In the center is a flaming rosebush, and the fire and the rose are one.

226   A Vineyard in a Grand Corridor []

Light radiates from everywhere.  As you pass down a marble-linedcorridor that must easily be several hundred feet wide, you come toa small field growing grape vines.  Members of the divinity come here  to socialize while they drink the wine pressed directly from the grapes that grow here.  Not the grapes of wrath, these.

227   An Arboretum in a Grand Corridor[]

Light radiates from everywhere.  As you pass down a marble-linedcorridor that must easily be several hundred feet wide, you come to a pocket of trees in the middle.  Several varieties, both common and exotic, of trees support orchids and bromeliads and various tropical flowers.  Paths lead amongst these so that each may be appreciated properly.  A heavenly fragrance permeates the air.

228   A Courtyard in a Grand Corridor[]

Light radiates from everywhere.  As you pass down a marble-lined corridor that must easily be several hundred feet wide, you come to an open courtyard, the tall vaulted ceilings opening to reveal the heavens.  There are benches arranged around the central square, where some angels and a few Gods can be seen discussing the affairs of the mortals and immortals.  A feeling of peace pervades everything you see.

A bulletin board for discussion of quests has been erected here.

229   The End of the North Corridor[]

Here, the wide corridor expands into a spacious circular room.  Tall marble pillars arise from the floor supporting a dome.  A beam of energy passes up through a central opening of this dome.  The beam is generated by something in the middle of the room which defies comprehension.  It is made of pure energy, and seems to be all forms and all colours at the same time.  This and its counterparts at the ends of the other corridors are the source of all that could ever exist or be conceived. Without them and their relationship to each other, nothing would be.  This is the reason for the corridors of the god complex being constructed as they are, and this is what provides the life and light here and in the mortal world below.  The corridor leads back to the heart of the complex, and exits to the east and west lead to lounges.

230   The End of the East Corridor[]

Here, the wide corridor expands into a spacious circular room.  Tall marble pillars arise from the floor supporting a dome.  A beam of energy passes up through a central opening of this dome.  The beam is generated by something in the middle of the room which defies comprehension.  It is made of pure energy, and seems to be all forms and all colours at the same time.  This and its counterparts at the ends of the other corridors are the source of all that could ever exist or be conceived.  Without them and their relationship to each other, nothing would be.  This is the reason for the corridors of the god complex being constructed as they are, and this is what provides the life and light here and in the mortal world below.  The corridor leads back to the heart of the complex, and exits to the north and south lead to lounges.

231   The End of the South Corridor[]

Here, the wide corridor expands into a spacious circular room.  Tall marble pillars arise from the floor supporting a dome.  A beam of energy passes up through a central opening of this dome.  The beam is generated by something in the middle of the room which defies comprehension.  It is made of pure energy, and seems to be all forms and all colours at the same time.  This and its counterparts at the ends of the other corridors are the source of all that could ever exist or be conceived.  Without them and their relationship to each other, nothing would be.  This is the reason for the corridors of the god complex being constructed as they are, and this is what provides the life and light here and in the mortal world below.  The corridor leads back to the heart of the complex, and exits to the east and west lead to lounges.

232   The End of the West Corridor[]

Here, the wide corridor expands into a spacious circular room.  Tall marble pillars arise from the floor supporting a dome.  A beam of energy passes up through a central opening of this dome.  The beam is generated by something in the middle of the room which defies comprehension.  It is made of pure energy, and seems to be all forms and all colours at the same time.  This and its counterparts at the ends of the other corridors are the source of all that could ever exist or be conceived.  Without them and their relationship to each other, nothing would be.  This is the reason for the corridors of the god complex being constructed as they are, and this is what provides the life and light here and in the mortal world below.  The corridor leads back to the heart of the complex, and exits to the north and south lead to lounges.

A large bulletin board is mounted on a wall here. (commerce)

233   A Corner Lounge[]

Joined to the ends of two of the corridors is a rather  comfortable lounge.  The walls are panelled in fine hardwoods and a plush, richly-coloured carpet covers the floor.  Various means of recreation can be found here ranging from pool to chess.  A great-grandfather clock marks the time of the universe.  In the corner of the room is a stairway down to a smaller chat room.

238   A Chat Room[]

This room is surprisingly ordinary looking.  Just a cozy  place to meet and talk about things.  There are comfy chairs and a large soft sofa, nice end tables, everything you'd want to make you feel at home.  Out of the way enough for some  privacy, but with an open door welcoming company.

241   A Chat Room[]

This room is surprisingly ordinary looking.  Just a cozy  place to meet and talk about things.  There are comfy chairs  and a large soft sofa, nice end tables, everything you'd want to make you feel at home.  Luckily, casual passers-by won't be interrupting meetings here.

A friendly, long-haired gray cat often sleeps on the sofa here, earning the room its nickname: the 'Cat Room.'

247   A Drifting, Spiral Ascent[]

You float upward for what seems like either an eternity or an instant.  Eventually you sense the presence of the Gods who live here.  The Gods have their own rooms which may or may not be open to others.  You will just have to look to see.  You can continue ascending toward yet higher Gods until you reach the implementors, or you can fall back to the heart of the god complex.

248   A Drifting, Spiral Ascent[]

You float upward for what seems like either an eternity or an instant.  Eventually you sense the presence of the Avatars who live here.  They have their own rooms which may or may not be open to others.  You will just have to look to see.  You can continue ascending toward yet another level of Avatars or beyond to higher Gods until you reach the implementors, or you  can fall back to the heart of the god complex.

249   A Drifting, Spiral Ascent[]

You float upward for what seems like either an eternity or an instant.  Eventually you sense the presence of the Demigods who live here.  They have their own rooms which may or may not be open to others.  You will just have to look to see.  You can continue ascending toward yet another level of Avatars or beyond to higher Gods until you reach the implementors, or you can fall back to the heart of the god complex.

251   A Drifting, Spiral Ascent[]

You float upward for what seems like either an eternity or an instant.  Eventually you sense the presence of the CIMPS who live here.  They each have their own rooms which may or may not be open to others.  You will just have to look to see.  You can continue ascending toward until you reach the implementors, or you can fall back to the heart of the god complex.

252   A Drifting, Spiral Ascent[]

You float upward for what seems like either an eternity or an instant.  Eventually you sense the presence of the Implementors who live here.  The Implementors have their own rooms which may or may not be open to others.  You will just have to look to see.  You can continue ascending toward the Implementor's business office or you can fall back to the heart of the god complex.

253 Althea's Room[]

254 Evening at the Folies-Bergere[]

Welcome to the legendary Folies-Bergere, the crown jewel of Fin-de-Siecle Parisian nightclubs. There is a heady atmosphere of high cultureand jubilation which permeates the air. The seductive lights and fine Jjazz music in the backround hearken back to another era, one of sophistication and decadence. Low-hanging crystal chandeliers adorn the elegant marble tables which lie scattered about the main floor.

Your attention is drawn to a large Tiffany mirror which hangs on the far rear wall of the club. In front of the mirror is a circular Louis XVI table surrounded by several high-backed brass chairs.

255 The Fall of Man -- Throne Room of JackyBlaque[]

You are in an enormous eight-sided room with obsidian and garnet walls.  Pillars made of bloodstone are in each corner, and the room is  lit by a huge pyre burning in a pit in the centre of the room. Lines radiate out from the pit, ending and connecting at the corners of the room forming a star with eight points. Between the pillars, there are men, women and children, all shackled by the hundreds to the walls. 

They are crying out in fear and despair, but their cries are silent. On each wall, there is a portrait. On one wall, there is a portrait of the Marquis de Sade, which reads "Lust" under it. On the next wall, a portrait of Judas reads "Envy." They continue: Donald Trump - "Greed", Lucifer - "Pride", Ted Kennedy - "Sloth", Caligula - "Gluttony", and Cain - "Wrath".  On the final wall, there is just a gaping star of blackness over the Throne of the Unforgivable Sin, Despair, upon which sits Her Excellency of Evil. The throne is comprised of the souls of suicides, the wills of men she has seduced, and the hearts of lost innocents. Jacky's various demon lovers and human slaves polish every inch of the room constantly, and look at you with dread, hatred and lust.

On the stand next to her throne, there is a cheap 286, a phone and her Universal Compact Stereo (tm) which transmits her messages of joy all over the cosmos. A drawer reads "My Special Friend", but is magically locked. A picture of her and a relatively normal looking guy sits on top of her computer with a rose. This makes you think to yourself,  "One of these things does not belong."  You feel evil, nonetheless.

256 In a Dinky Apartment[]

You suddenly find yourself standing in the middle of a cramped, smoky apartment.  Cracked walls, plated with dozens of worn street signs stare blankly at you from every which way.  A soft, blue glow illuminates this room creating various faces within the drifting smoke and casting shadows into less friendly corners.  Across this room and atop an oaken desk, a grey terminal surrounded by numerous papers and electronic gadgets displays a JediMUD login screen and prompts for a password.  To your left you notice a comfortable looking green and white, plaid couch slouching against the wall.  A small, glass table, situated in the center of this den, proudly displays a bronze statue of Lady Justice.  On one side of her balance she guards a single Bardic Signet-Ring, and on the other side rests a small, unopened block of Krrf.  Upon closer inspection, an engraving on the ring reads, 'the Shadow Scribe of Krrf'.

257 Mandy's Room[]

This is where Mandy prepares himself for his next concert.  As far as dressing rooms go, it isn't bad.  There are box office posters on the wall from his past musicals "Evita", "Sunday in the Park with George", and "The Secret Garden", and various movies through the years. 

The room feels very powerful, as if just by being here the creative energies of the universe threaten to sweep you out of your dreary existence and into a life of excitement.  The closet reveals Mandy's trademark clothes: white sneakers, jeans, and of course the pink t-shirt, and a refrigerator in the corner hosts his vast supply of Pepsi(tm) and Pringles(tm). You can't help but wonder to yourself how Mandy manages to enter and leave the room. The lack of doors hints that Mandy Patinkin is more than he first appears.

258 Myst's Forest Hideaway[]

You find yourself in a cozy forest castle. In the soft, flickering candlelight you can make out a comfy, velvety sofa, and on the walls there are breathtakingly beautiful paintings and framed photographs of every typeof feline known to man. As your eyes come to rest on one of a white siberian tiger, you hear something stir. The hair on the back of your neck bristles, and your heart begins to race. You feel something watching you intently... and you would MUCH prefer that low, guttural rumble you just hear to be a small earthquake! Turning your head slowly, you see an enormous white tiger tensed to spring at your slightest aggressive move. Uh oh...

A White Siberian Tiger lies here quietly at Myst's feet.

Extra descs: tiger white siberian

This magnificent animal has snow-white fur striped with perfect coal-black tiger markings. His eyes are a pale green with glittering flecks of gold, and his body is smooth, sleek, and in prime condition. You realize that he could tear you to pieces in a heartbeat... but Myst seems to have him in a state of relaxation. His eyes, however, seem to remain fixed on you. the White Siberian Tiger is in excellent condition.

259   Nightmare's Place[]

As you look around the room, you notice nothing out of the ordinary. In the middle of the room, you see a 20" television and next to it, a stereo system. To the left of it is a small, comfortable bed with a couple stuffed animals on it. Above the bed is a picture of a girl whom you assume as his girlfriend. On the right side of the room, you see a tidy desk with a computer on it and next to that desk is a pile of books and files of some sort. You can see that he is all business when it comes down to it. In the corner of the room is a pair of Rollerblade and a hockey stick. As you  survey the room, you suddenly feel a presence behind you. It's .....                                              Peter

260   Pythe's A to D room[]

As you enter this candle-lit room, you notice that your environment is not a part of the real physical world, but instead is a whole new universe with unlimited potential.  As your mind merges with the circuitry, you realize you no longer have mass.  As a living entity on the huge TCP/IP network, you have a sense that you can do anything and go anywhere, except that you must watch out for those dreaded NetPigs who try to keep the cyberpunks under control.  At least the Turing Police are harmless, as their only purpose is to prevent the AI computers from taking control over the network or any part of the physical world. In a state of pseudo-meditation, an old twentieth century song enters and your mind, but you can only recall part of it:

"His world is under anesthetic, subdivided and synthetic

His reliance on the giants, in the science of the day"

--from "Digital Man" lyrics by Neil Peart 1982

261 The Mosh Pit[]

You discover yourself in a churning, thrashing, pit.  People are all around you shoving, kicking and slamming in a catastrophic orgy of ferocity.

You glance out over the horde and realize the pit stretches as far as you can see.  As the thunderous discord begins to thrash ever more so the pit goes into an insane frenzy, and you are swallowed under a tide of flailing fists and combat boots.  A particularly vicious kick from a Darky little champion mosher sends you head first into a clearing, the eye of this storm. You look up and see the indisputable maestro of this pit, standing with one foot on the corpse of a football guy, Rache throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.

262 Stormblade's Sanctum[]

Within the confines of this Sanctum you can see murals of great battles fought by Stormblade and his companions.  To the south is an alter adorned with many holy writings.  Upon the alter rest artifacts you thought only to be mythical.  Light shines through the stained glass ceiling high above you. Planted in the center of the marbled floor is a Holy Avenger sword revealing a multi-faceted ruby within its hilt.  You can just make out the Temple of Midgaard through a portal to the north.  To the east is another portal leading to the fountain in the center of Skara Brae.  The heart of New Thalos appears to be through the western portal.

263 The Obsidian Tower[]

You are in a round room carved from a 60-foot tall spire of obsidian. The effect is cold and eerie, yet still beautiful.  The ceiling ends in a point and at the peak of the ceiling is a golden orb, giving off a dim glow. Further light and heat is provided by 5 charcoal braziers, set around the perimeter of the room.  The room itself is richly furnished with plush chairs, a sofa, and a table made of marble.  Bookshelves, curved to fit flush with the round walls line approximately half the room, and contain arcane volumes of ancient lore.  A window looks out upon a flat, bleak plain, and a strong wind howls outside.

Extra descs: window bookshelves

Looking out the window, you see a dry, blasted landscape.  Not so much as lichen grows on the rocks below.  The sky is a dark purple color and the twin suns glow a fiery red.

The bookshelves are wrought of bronze and contain such volumes as:

  • "Natural Disasters for Fun and Profit"
  • "Einstein's Relativity"
  • "101 Uses for a Warrior"

264   The Shoe Box[]

You find yourself in a boxlike room.  It appears to be at least twice as long as it is wide, and you have to stoop to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling.  The walls of this room are covered in posters bearing the likenesses of major sports celebrities.  Various swooshes and other logos can be seen on every poster.  The corners are piled high will old pairs of sneakers, loafers, and wingtips.  There is a rack of shoe horns on the far wall, and a cupboard full of Dr. Scholl's products next to you. You wonder where the owner of this place is.  If you listen closely, you can hear the unforgettable jingles from sneaker television commercials.  You find yourself wanting to be like Mike.

Extra descs: owner Pile Shoes Corner Poster Walls

Brett Domue.

Description: You see here a pile of old, discarded shoes.  This must be the fabled footwear graveyard. You see posters of some of the most popular sports figures of the 1990's.  Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Emmit Smith, and the rest of the superstars are here. Every poster has the markings of a major sneaker manufacturer on some part of the image.

265 MOSHING Team HQ[]

This is the most secret laboratory of the MOSHING team, owned by its most powerful spellcaster, Tyrex. At one side of the room you see row after row of huge file cabinets full of information about everyone and everything on JediMUD. At the other side of the room hidden by the deep shadows, you can see a bookcase containing 13 midnight-blue spellbooks. Standing against the fireplace you notice a black onyx desk, covered with different devices of magical kind, some of them are even glowing with a strange and magical aura. As you turn away from the desk you feel a sudden urge to look at a black book, resting on a shadowy pedestal. As you look closer, you see a full detailed description of how Tyrex is planning to take over this Mud, and even overthrow the all the Implementors. Standing against the northwestern corner you spot a portal guarded by five dragon heads, all seeming to scream in never-ending agony. This must be the legendary portal leading into the Dark Planes of Hell and Nirvana where the Queen of evil the ruler of devils, Takhisis (Dragonlance character), rests. Atop one of the cabinets you see a statue, and a bunch of files. As you turn around to leave the room, Tyrex appears from within a blood red portal, and my god he is FUMING with rage, how did you dare to disturb the silence of this dark and hideous place.

Extra descs: books spellbooks statue files bunch

As you look at these dark and mysterious spell books, they seem to emit a faint humming sound as if they wait for some stupid non-believer to open them. The question is : Do you dare?

On the cover of the books there are some silvery Viking runes, you can't seem to understand them.

This is a statue of the evil queen Takhisis. It emits a faint glow and after a while of staring at it, you can see a swirling formation of different colors inside.

In here is everything you've ever wanted to know about everyone on the mud. You can find out anyone's real name, their Social Security Number, and even how many kids they beat up as a child.  You delve further into the files, and see it.  The info on Kaeli.  It's too horrible to be repeated.

266 The Montreal Canadien's Locker Room[]

You have entered the locker room of the Montreal Canadiens.  It was here that coaches have rallied the Habs (short for 'Les Habitants' Habitants, the early farmers of Quebec) through adversity and glory to twenty-four Stanley cup victories.  The stale smell of sweat fills the room, and all manners of hockey equipment is lying around.  A large banner hangs from the far wall, and on a small table beneath the banner stands Lord Stanley's Cup.  Xap, the Canadien's greatest hockey fan, is here wearing his Habs jersey, and reading the names of his childhood.

Extra descs: banner plaque stanley cup

                 CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   CCC                  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC                            CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC                               CCCCCC      HH     HH     CCCCC                            CCCCC        HH     HH                                     CCCCC         HH     HH                       CCCCC         HHHHHHHHH                            CCCCC         HHHHHHHHH                                        CCCCC         HH     HH                                        CCCCC        HH     HH                                        CCCCCC      HH     HH     CCCCC                     CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC                                  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC                   CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

You see the coveted Lord Stanley's Cup, the symbol of excellence in hockey, standing on a small table before you.  A small plaque with the years Montreal has won the Cup is attached to its base:

Due to their years of hockey excellence the National Hockey League is proud to award the Montreal Canadiens this plaque
listing their record twenty-four Stanley cup victories:

1916/17          1953/54          1965/66          1976/77 

1924/25          1956/57          1966/67          1977/78

1930/31          1957/58          1968/69          1978/79

1931/32          1958/59          1969/70          1979/80

1944/45          1959/60          1971/72          1986/87

1946/47          1960/61          1973/74          1993/94

267 Zooropa's Music Store[]

The walls of this room are lined with thousands of compact discs.  Upon closer inspection, you notice that all walls are lined with U2 CDs!  You can't help but envy the owner of this room.  Obviously, he is a man of immense taste in music.  A large banner on the wall reads "Vorsprung Durch Technik" and a small placard on the door reads "Achtung!"

268   <32+>[]

269   <32+> The Realm of Silence[]

It is hard to wait so long for something so simple, but that is always the nature of the game. They say that when you die, you should die quickly, for it changes nothing. The same is true of living, and beyond doubt your life here has been quicker than most. And has it changed a thing? You think briefly of the old parable. A student asks the master, "Where did you learn?" The master replies, "Weeden," drinking from the fountain. The student nods: "I was there once." The master replies, "I am there now," and drinks again from the fountain. A breeze whispers through the land. You remember dying at the gargoyle, and it makes you think of home.

An unplugged Black-n-Decker Chainsaw is here, making you uncomfortable.

270 A Drifting, Spiral Ascent (#270)

You float upward for what seems like either an eternity or  an instant.  Eventually you sense the presence of the Gods who live here.  The Gods have their own rooms which may or may not  be open to others.  You will just have to look to see.  You  can continue ascending toward yet higher Gods until you reach the implementors, or you can fall back to the heart of the god complex.

Obvious exits:

North     - The Realm of Silence [269]

271 Crank's Rock'n Bedroom

You see a HUGE poster of Kelvin Metallica hanging on the wall with a picture of Old Anthrax Posters all over the place.  A nice 57 inch Television set sits along with a cool full entertainment set.  A bunch of oldie cd's sits on Crank's coffee table along with a bunch of porno mags with Miss December 1991 and coffee stains all over it.  A HUGE disco ball hangs down from top of the roof. You see a Sega Genesis (tm) and a bunch of magazines on how to play Mortal Kombat (tm) laying on the floor of the room.  A picture of his girlfriend with this HUGE Heart around it sitting on his dresser.  A dart board hangs down above his computer with packet of old condoms with a pen. You see a dirty clothes all over the bedroom with this foul smell coming from the closet.  As you explore, you find yourself getting dizzy from smell of old shoes sitting under a pile of trash.  A lava lamp sits next to a mirror near the window and a list with a mark of Crank 10 TIAMAT 0 and a set of old blue plate armor and Fred McGriff's Bat sitting in a trophy cup.

272 <32+>[]

273 <32+>[]

274 The Surveillance Center[]

Carved out of the nether space in which the immortals of JediMUD reside is this experimental chamber, a hollow and unearthly room designed simply to accommodate the Oracles of the Gods, to view quests as they occur, and to watch any other interesting developments in the lands below.

275 <32+>[]

276 The Queen's Bedchamber[]

The room radiates an air of nobility.  The wall panels are made of an unfamiliar dark hardwood more beautiful than any you've seen.  Magically lit lamps shine on several portraits tapestries depicting the origin and growth of the land of Jedi as well as numerous fanciful thema.  By the window is a large beautifully-canopied bed like something out of a faerie tale.  The delicate scent of roses wafts in through the window from the gardens below.

Extra descs: tapestry portrait

This is the classical 'Lady with the Unicorn' tapestry.  It features the unicorn and lion drawing back the rich fabric of a noblewoman's tent.  Inside, the lady inspects her jewels.  

This is a portrait of the Lord Mandragora.  Somehow, in the black background, you can detect a humanoid form.  Letting your eyes go unfocussed, you get the impression of a handsome and noble lord... an image sharply contrasting the shadowy shapes rendered to be his likeness.

277   The Antechamber[]

Here, adjacent to Her bedchamber, guards are stationed to defend the Lady of the Realm.  The room is tastefully furnished and a fireplace is present should the guards need the extra warmth.  Tapestries on the walls depict scenes of heroic valor and sacrifice in service to the Lady.

278 The Coffeehouse[]

The place is half full, tables cluttered with cups and newspapers. Faces peer from chipped murals, surveying the crowd; ghosts of then guarding the now.  The espresso machine belches forth steam, conveying the smell of coffee, pervasive and intoxicating.  Individuals hunch over in the dim light, wrapped up in the stories contained within dog-eared books. Groups involve themselves in animated conversations and games.  Or speak in lower tones, hushed, discussing intricate conspiracies.  The workers cluster behind the counter, glaring with a practiced ennui at those waiting to be served. Each is empowered by the knowledge that someday, once his novel is sold, he can give up waiting on the bourgeoisie.  A breath of wind envelops your table carrying the warm smell of spring, reminding you of another world outside.  A world of sunshine.  You sit and contemplate that world here, surrounded by an eternal dusk.

279 Inside the folds of a dark cloak.[]

Falling into the depths of the cloak, you find yourself looking around at a whole other world inside.  A small castle sits off in the distance, and in a clearing in the wood surrounding it, you spot a dark-haired woman wearing golden armor and a white mask.  She looks up at your approach, waiting to see what you do.

280 Spiritwalker's Dreamchamber[]

The walls are of a cloud-like transparency -- yet multi-colored and constantly changing. There is a note here with your name on it. Around the room you see trophies of Spiritwalker's crusades: many pieces of drow weaponry and armor, undoubtedly taken in combat with the evil dark elves. Along one wall you see a workstation, and along the other you see a comfortable chair.

Extra descs: cd stereo TV remote chair computer dreamcatcher trophies note walls

You see a couple of CD cases sitting on top of the unit -- The Tragically Hip and The Cult. There's a movie playing -- Hey! -- It's Army of Darkness -- Cool!

This must be where Spiritwalker does his work.  You see a powerful looking computer, engineering books, and papers with incomprehensible formulae scrawled upon them. It looks like an original dreamcatcher that an Iroquois Shaman may have used -- you wonder why Spiritwalker has it. On display directly under the dreamcatcher is the severed head of the Dracolich, the most deadly creature in the Drow Underworld. Among the whirling shapes and colors you see a piece of the dream you had last night.

281 The Garden of Eden[]

Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed.  And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground - trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.

In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it.  She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.  Then the eyes of both of them were opened. And the Lord God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.  He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.  So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

282 The Shadows[]

You have somehow managed to leave the lit areas of the world and now walk in shadow.  Reality hides in the corners of your vision, only to retreat back into the twilight darkness when you turn to grasp it.  You get the feeling that if you knew the right path you could go anywhere or find anything... if you just weren't so lost and confused!  One pattern is slightly more prominent -- you get the impression of a lovely Goddess amidst a bright and fragrant garden, and your heart leaps with hope. But something more solid coalesces before you.  Mandragora grins at you and says, "So nice of you to drop in...."

283 Byson's Room[]

You stand on the beautiful island continent of Australia.  Here, you find several kangaroos bouncing around and a koala munching a gum leaf. From the mountain you are standing on, you can see the ocean reach in all directions. On the very top of the mountain, you see a huge gum tree.  Under he tree sits a curious figure.  He wears a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and has a computer on his lap which somehow seems to be plugged into the tree! He basks in the sun, as he furiously taps away at his keyboard. The figure looks lost in thought and at his feet are several pages of note paper with some scrawled writing on them.

Extra descs: paper notes notepaper reminder

1: Save your cash you doh. 
2: Buy ticket to USA
3: Get presents for Nix and Tara
4: Get a Roo for Dutch
5: Remember to remember my reminder notes
6: Get my blow up doll for Jason
7: Bug Alan and Jay some more.

284 Jo's Chambers[]

You're not sure whether you should be awed or terrified of this cavernous room.  You are greeted by a scantily clad male attendant who has nothing but your best interests at heart.  He leads you over to the soft, plush, satin-covered pillows, hands you a garment that reminds you of a hospital gown, and bids you to partake of the food and drink near you.  Gazing adoringly at all of the beautiful people, you can't help thinking this might be where you belong.  Yet, something seems out of place.  Looking around, your eyes are drawn to an ominous-looking door, and an all-powerful feeling forces you to open it....As the door automatically closes and locks behind you, Jo greets you with a gleam in her eye.  "We've been expecting you!" she says as she leads you to a chair.  Wait!  This isn't like the other room, as you finally look around at all the apparatus.  To one side is a steel gurney equipped with restraints; near it is a box-like machine with electrodes attached to it.  

A few feet distant from the gurney is a huge, tube-shaped porcelain container filled with water and ice.  You watch in horror as the attendants lower some poor soul into it and close the top, barring his escape.  A small rectangular electronic device with a blue button lies on a table close to the tub.  As you listen to the screams, you look around at the other people in here.  Nalia sits in a corner by herself, drooling and babbling, 'I'm not wifey #2!  I'm not wifey #2!'  You see Steppin wandering around with a vacant look on his face, yelling, 'Where are those damn sheep?'  You run for the exit, but Uriel blocks your way, crying, 'Beer and rice cakes, beer and rice cakes!'  Zookeeper drags you away and in a sultry voice tells you, 'Hey, you big stud, take me to bed or lose me forever!' Terrified, you run to Raid, but he is busy arguing with an imaginary person: 'No, I don't happen to think I have ENOUGH mud wives!'  You're trapped in this room, and with nowhere to go, you return to your chair, frightened and helpless.  Jo now turns to you and says, 'Next!'

A box with a large blue button that says PUSH ME rests on a table.

285 El Estudio del Famoso Maestro de Ilusion[]

This dusty room might show no other evidence of occupation, had he not been aware of your presence.  From the moment you exhaled, Ruelorians had his eyes on you.  Things appear, at first, as you want them to appear: a medium-sized, dusty habitation with all the refinements of one who indulges in the ancient art of illusion.

Suddenly, everything changes.  You are standing in the middle of a room engulfed in flames.  You can smell the molecular structure of your flesh bend to the will of temperatures hot enough to fuse pieces of metal. Now you stand upon a granite ledge that overlooks a great wasteland.  You can almost hear the screams of agony coming up from the undead denizens below.  Would if they could climb up here to indulge in the pleasures of  living flesh.  A cold, bony hand clutches the nape of your neck!!  You struggle to breathe!! You turn around and you're back where you first started, a nondescript room in a nondescript part of the land. Somehow, you happen to be holding  a small piece of parchment folded in half.  You open the makeshift letter to reveal these words:

Welcome to my abode.

286 The Beach[]

A cool refreshing breeze blows upon you as you stand upon the sand before the ocean.  Pearly-blue waves crash onto the shore, and the cool water runs just up to your feet, before returning to the ocean's embrace.  The sand is warm from the sunrays, and you feel the urge to bury yourself underneath it, to be enveloped by the warmth.  The beach seems to stretch endlessly to both the north and the south. A few wispy clouds hang high over the ocean to the west - perhaps a harbinger of an approaching storm, or perhaps just merely high wispy clouds to provide contrast to the sapphire-blue skies.  The puffy clouds that arise to the east assure you that the meadow still lies there, past the sand dunes that the wind has carved over the years. 

287 Loehbech's Chamber of Sexual Assistance[]

As you enter the room, you can't help but feel a little ashamed. You notice right away that there are other numbered doors in this room that lead to God knows where.  Behind some doors you hear faint, muffled sounds and behind others violent screaming. You begin to wonder if you belong here. In a far corner you see a prophylactic dispenser with a barely legible sign on the front that you think says "Out of Order."  Where are you?  Behind you there is a video camera and as you look around you realize that the entire ceiling is one huge viewing screen. It is currently off and reflecting the floor below. You realize that that's probably best.  But suddenly your mood changes and you feel strangely aroused. You don't know why, but if you don't get satisfaction soon you think you might commit some heinous crime. A sinful smile grows on your face and suddenly you are confident that you will leave this place satisfied.

288 Rust's Forum[]

As you look about you, blinking in sudden sunlight, you see a large, open plaza surrounded by numerous buildings of marble, with a long colonnade embellished with mythic friezes and statues.   At one edge of the stone-flagged square is an area of greenery, with shade provided by trees and grassy areas to sit on and relax.  To the west, a large open-air amphitheater stands, gleaming white marble.  To the east,  a magnificent library with the wall engraved and gilded with quotations from many lands and books, with many tall windows to let in the sun.  And to the north is another small garden area with a few small buildings comprising the residence and study of the main resident of this place. Several felines are at play in the gardens of the residence, avoiding only the smoothly raked stones of a small Zen garden to one side.

289 <32+>[]

290 <32+>[]

291 Pils' Brewery and Poutine House[]

You feel very relaxed and at home as you enter Pils's house through the massive oak front doors. The house is enormous and is decorated in an old Victorian style. In the corner of the living room is the most impressive bar you have ever seen, which is only appropriate for the most well known and famous Brewery owner in North America. You look out the window to see a lush vinyard and a winery in the background. You knew Pils was famous for his beers and lagers but didnt know he had a vinyard too! In the other corner is this weird looking unit that doesnt seem to belong in this magnificent house. There is a sign on it that reads 'Poutine Machine'. You can only wonder what that might be used for. As you continue through the house you can here the sounds of voices and music coming from the end of a long corridor. You open these large french doors and are encompassed in the biggest party of your life. There is dancing and music and most of all alcohol! Soon you have a drink in your hand and are enjoying ever minute of it, you hope the night never ends. Next time you see Pils you must ask him about the Poutine Machine and definitely thank him for the biggest shaker you've ever participated in! Come again and drink lots, because the drinks are always on the house!

The brass Poutine Machine stands alone in a corner.

(proc-access to a large bowl of poutine)

292   <32+> Cow Creek Ridge Cabin[]

You stand on Cow Creek Ridge in Humboldt County, California, USA. You are on a road which goes between 4 buildings, 2 on the north, and two on the south.  All around the buildings are Chinkapin Oak, Sugar Pine, Douglas Fir, and a few trees you do not recognize. Two high voltage transmission lines run out of sight east to west. A squirrel barks then scampers up one of the hardwood trees.  You see a variety of birds and other animals moving about.  In the meadow south of the cabin you see some black tailed deer grazing.  You can see a bear scratch in one of the trees just to the north northwest. You shiver as you know you can not reach the top of the scratch even stretching on your toes, then you relax as you see it is very old. You also see a full hookup for an RV, often used at the family reunions. To the south are two cabins, the western one fairly nice, the eastern cabin is very old.  As you move a large jack rabbit makes her standard zigzag dash for the high grass and brush to the east.  Moving on down the road east you will pass the 100 yard practice range, then the road will fork.  To the left is a locked gate only 1/2 mile away, the lower road to the right leads to a locked gate after 2 and 1/2 miles.  If instead you wish to go back west from the buildings, you will come to a locked gate after 1 mile down the road.  You feel pleasantly removed from the large crowds in the cities.  Even knowing that you only had to drive 100 minutes from Arcata, about 50 air miles west, to get here.

If it were not from some old logging areas, and the power lines, you could not see the hand of man as far as you can see in any direction.

Extra descs: raccoon Raccoon Bob bobcat bobcats Bobcat Bobcats bob lion mountainlion mountain Lion Mountain Mountainlion spotted owl Spottedowl Owl spottedowl Spotted Grouse grouse wildturkey Wild Turkey wild turkey Wildturkey mountain quail california Quail California Mountain pigeons pigeon Pigeons Pigeon palliated wood woodpecker pecker Wood Palliated Pecker Woodpecker hawks Hawks Golden Eagle Eagles Goldeneagle golden eagle eagles goldeneagle squirrel Squirrels Squirrel squirrels Bunny rabbit Rabbits Rabbit rabbits Hair Hairs hair hairs bunny  animals critters Animals beasts game Game Critters Power power lines transmission Transmission Lines Bear bear blackbear deer Deer blacktailed black Black Murphy murphy out outhouse Outhouse Mrs mrs Tin tin barn Barn Large large Shed shed Lineshack Line shack northern long Northern Long Shack line Old second old 2nd other eastern Cabin House New Nice Western cabin house new nice western

293   <32+>[]

294   <32+>[]

295 Sweety's Boom Box[]

There is a big couch set against the wall, and the walls are white with green, blue, red, yellow, and purple paint splattered all over. A bookcase sits in the corner and each shelf is packed with books of all sorts. There are a few posters on the walls, mostly of animals. The floor is covered with an ocean blue plush carpet.

You are drawn to the full length mirror that hangs on the far wall. 

You peer into the mirror, expecting to see your own reflection, but instead, you find a picture of your dreams. You reach out your hand to touch the dream world, but your hand is stopped when it crashes into the glass of the mirror. Slowly, you turn from the mirror, and you notice the blaring music coming from a rather large, rather old radio that sits on a small table.  Your hips begin to move with the beat of the music,  and before you know it, you are dancing wildly around the room.

296   <32+>[]

297 Fortress of Solitude[]

The walls of this large study are covered with shelves, which are all filled with books and collectibles. On one side of the room is a large oak desk, which is covered with paperwork. On the other side of the room is a large fireplace surrounded by a few large chairs and a well-used couch. A large skylight and ample windows give the feeling of being outdoors.

298 Ego's Library[]

As you enter the room, you are immediately greeted with the gentle scent of burning hickory and the passionate strains of Corelli's "Follia" in D minor.  The rectangular space is not particularly large, but cozy, well-lit, and warm.  The wood floor beneath your feet is mostly covered by a beautiful, hand-woven Oriental rug depicting various scenes of great battles fought long ago.  The far end of the room is dominated by a mantle and large fireplace flanked by bookshelves.  A roaring blaze gives forth light, heat, and a merry crackle. Before the fireplace is a pair of overstuffed easy chairs, turned slightly towards each other, and between them is a small, antique table with a bottle of aged Bordeaux and two glasses resting atop it.  Above the fireplace hangs a print of Leonardo da Vinci's "Study of the Proportions of Man."  At the other end of the room is a large oak desk with a padded leather chair pulled up to it.  Its surface contents are neatly arranged: several framed pictures of a young woman and Ego standing together, a family portrait, several more pictures of Ego with his closest friends, a miniature of Michelangelo's "Pieta," an old copy of Tolstoy's "War and Peace," and a maroon mug with a Phoenix symbol and the words, "Crescat Scientia, Vita Excolatur" etched upon it. Most puzzling of all, a large skull, obviously human, stares from the desk at whomever sits in the chair.  Behind the desk hangs a print of Raphael's "The School of Athens" and a sheathed Mameluk sword with an ivory hilt, the weapon of an officer of the Marine Corps.  Engraved on the scabbard are the words, "Ductus Exemplo," and, "Semper Fidelis."  Off in the corner near the desk is a music stand, and in a display case behind it rests what can only be a Stradivarius violin.  The rest of the room is lined with bookshelves containing many well-read volumes.  Four windows spaced between the shelves on the opposite wall look out on a taiga landscape lit by twilight's blue glow.  A perpetual snow drifts down, buffeted by a strong wind. Judging by the weather outside, you are glad to be nice and warm inside Ego's library.  You feel very welcome here.

A board made of lightning stands here.

299 Umi's Hideout[]

Hidden deep within the God Complex, this room is where Umi and his cohorts do all of their plotting.  Only a select few of Umi's band of criminals who have proven themselves dedicated to his cause know the exact location of this place.  Maps and complex diagrams of what appears to be a great pyramid are scattered across the floor.

The shelves that hang on the east wall are filled with tools, weapons and various poisons which are used to carry out Umi's far-fetched plans.  A small fireplace built into the north wall contains the ashes of what appear to be old books and paintings which were probably stolen from another Immortal.  The rest of the room is pretty bare, as Umi is not an accomplished writer.  A  small journal sits on top of a tiny desk in the northeast corner of the room.  Maybe it contains some of their future plans.  Then again, maybe you should get out of here before someone finds you.

Extra descs: journal book

A board made of lightning stands here.

1000 Inside the belly of a huge creature[]

You are inside the belly of an absolutely huge creature. You assume this because of the large amounts of room around you. It seems weird though, all around you are translucent body parts! The only thing solid is the skin of the creature you are in. Various organs are evident from your vantage point. Slowly, you sink into who knows what! You hear the incessant gushing of blood making an artery pulse in rhythm to the thumping you hear from far above. In chorus with the thumping you hear gurgling, whining and squeaks both long and short. You might be able to squeeze your way up the esophagus, climb out the bellybutton or slide out its anus. 

[spec proc]

All of a sudden you are jerked about and mucus almost engulfs you. You are drenched in body fluids and remain close to the where you entered. Hopefully you will not be flushed!

1001 The Circus of the Bizarre[]

Freakish ornamentations hang from tent poles stretched high into the air, and vendors hawk such edible treats as frozen fish heads (eat them up, yum), lark's vomit, and "burnt winter" ale (ale with a fried egg floating within the mug) under its canopy.  Crowds gather to see such attractions as Wonko the Sane and his puppy grenades, the juggler with no ass, and the infernal parade of demonic clowns.  But if they're not entertained by the attractions, they come to enjoy the games including cat-darts, whirl-a-dervish, and death trap poker.  Gilda the Enormous (one of ProtoClown's experiments in breeding dwarves with whales) takes your ticket as you enter what is surely to be the most bizarre of circuses.

A board made of lightning stands here.

1002 <32+> Atop a Wind-Swept Mesa[]

Time stands still, a frozen moment of eternity. The desert wind screams past, pelting you with sand and blurring your eyes with tears, and you get a vague sensation of motion, or rather, of displacement. When your vision clears, you find yourself here, standing atop a lonely mesa with no idea how you got here, and the night wind howling all around. It stirs the yuccas at your feet, their seed-pods filling the air with a haunting, ghostly rattle. As you take a few tentative steps, narrowly missing a prickly pear cactus, you feel both fine desert sand and wind-sculpted rock beneath your feet. The warning of a diamondback, nearly lost in the sound of the yuccas, is noticed just in time, and the snake slides off through the sand, with nary a glance your way. Your gaze wanders to the sky just as the shadow of an owl momentarily eclipses the thin crescent moon. The stars glitter coldly, an untold number of diamonds strewn across the black velvet sky. The stark view is softened only by the occasional cloud, scudding by in the swift desert wind, and the gauzy haze of the Milky Way. In the distance, the cries of a pack of coyotes rise up through the night, an unearthly dirge sung in a minor key. The wind picks up again, and suddenly you feel buoyed up by a strange power, a magic from some unknown source. At this moment, you are absolutely sure that an invisible presence watches your every move. You are most definitely not alone.    
A board made of lightning stands here.

1003 <32+>[]

1004 <32+> The Silver Garden[]

The entrance to the garden greets you in the form of a large silver arch with intricate lattice work that looks to be made by the best of silversmiths. Interwoven with the lattice work is a large green vine which is sprouting bright golden flowers that seem to pulsate with the rhythm of your heartbeat. Sitting on the top of the arch are several small songbirds that almost seem to speak to you with their delicate melodies. As you pass through the arch, you feel energized and refreshed. It's almost as if twenty years of your life were given back to you. You notice that old scars are healing while your ears become more sensitive and your eyesight becomes sharper. Flowers of every size, shape, and color fill your vision now. There is a small cobblestone path directly ahead that leads to the center of the garden. Taking the path, your walk becomes a run. It's as if you were you a child again, without a care in the world. As you reach the center of the garden, you're suddenly stopped by the sight of a large silver lion who appears directly in your path. Looking intently at you, the lion's shape begins to change and he transforms into the shape of a man. Still staring at you, he begins to smile. Grinning he says, "I am Silverking and this is my garden. Welcome! We have much to discuss."

1005 <32+>[]

1006 <32+>[]

1007 <32+>[]

18156 Nowhere[]

No walls. No floor. No light. No substance. No way out!

You're not sure how you got here, but you certainly don't want to stay.  Assuming, that is, that you can find some way out.  There is a pervasive sense of deadness. Your breath seems to fall and die as soon as it leaves your lips.  If you try to  talk or scream to the Gods above, you only hear the vibration  it makes in your head. You don't know if any sounds are able  to leave you at all.  You suddenly feel VERY claustrophobic in  this cage without walls.