Area Designer:

Mahatma of HexOnyx (with revisions by Tam)Edit




West of Midgaard and through the forests of Haon-Dor near the shores of the great ocean lies the River Island of Minos. A land of the dead, it is a mystical place, full of many unexplained occurrences. Whispered rumors speak of a strange, animal-like king ruling the land, and also of a mystical sea, into which many have disappeared...and none return. Beware!

Mobs of Note:Edit

General Woundwort - (troll gauntlets), Hanz - (heavy spear, flail), King Minos - (dark minotaur shield, platinum ring), swordsman - (speckled potion)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

The final trial, the battle with Minos, takes place in an !magic room. Set a gate 1n from his throne room. There is no exit from the zone. The zone resets quickly, and will reset occupied, so beware!