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In the far reaches of the world lies the mysterious realm of the dead. Populated by the greatest heroes and villains of legend, along with the most fearsome creatures to wander the world, only the bravest adventurers dare venture into this dark realm of the dead.

Mobs of Note:Edit

Aeneas - (flowing purple cloak, golden goblet, giant golden helm, giant golden shield, giant golden sword), Anchises - (father's tunic), Cerberus - (dark, spiked collar), Discord - (bloodsoaked ribbon), Disease - (bracelet of disease), Drudgery - (blue and gold spindle), Fury - (brass claws), Grief - (teardrop pendant), Hunger - (Dagger of Hunger, juicy steak), King Minos - (Gavel of Minos), Medusa - (Head of Medusa), Old Age - (your memoir), Revenge - (sword of vengeance), Sibyl - (robe of prophecy), Tisiphone - (blood-soaked dress, blood-soaked robe, whip of punishment), War - (helmet of War)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

To enter the area, bury the corpse of Misenus and take the golden bough to open the Jaws of Aornos, the Gates of the Underworld.

In the center of the cavern, a giant elm tree beckons. Use the command "cling tree" to descend to the subterranean Greek Mythology level.   Rooms radiate in all directions from the roots of the elm tree, and some of the rooms are aggro.  Medusa is the toughest of these mobs as she employs a wide variety of mage procs. 

Any of the mobs in the sub-level can load the monstrous key to the rest of the area, (Acheron and Dis), accessible through a gate directly north of the elm tree in the center of the main cavern.

Use the command "climb roots" to leave the subterranean area. (Watch for the deathtrap directly east of the elm tree in the main cavern (Death).

Once you've used the monstrous key to open the gate to Acheron, find and have your group leader pay Charon. Fall asleep onboard, and patiently wait as Charon paddles you across the River Styx to the Swamp of Dis.   After disembarking from Charon's raft, you'll face Cerberus, the three-headed dog, which loads the gate key to the Underworld.

Traverse the Fields of Mourning and find King Minos.  Take his verdict, and open the gate to the Fields of Dis.  On the way, stop by Tisiphone's Cave and see if she's loaded her whip.