Vince De Quattro's "Dank" started as a warrior in 1993, and after the Great Hack, recreated to cleric. For ten years Dank ran as a multi-remort cleric (with a locating mage and picking thief), until his friend Lavos urged him to try all the classes.
Dank's thief, Thumbs, was remorted to Bard in 2001. Thumbs became Gwindor in 2006 when De Quattro decided to rename all of his 60 characters along the lines of Tolkien, Aztec, and later, Game of Thrones characters. Gwindor is a three remort bard today.
Dank's warrior Beleg (named after a LOTR character in the Children of Hurin), started out as Ulrich.
Dank's mage Qix (originally named after the arcade game of the same name), became Quetzalcoatl, in thematic rhythm for the planned release of his Azteca area. Quetzalcoatl would remort 8 times a get perf in 2012.
Through the years, Vince raised four kids and worked in the entertainment industry, first for Warner Brothers and Sony Picture Entertainment, then later for Industrial Light and Magic.  He was a Department Director for ten years at the Academy of Art University, and then went into semi-retirement while trying to bootstrap small studios in the Bay Area.