A wholist is a command line request for a current list of players in the game.  Sometimes it's fun to look at past who -lists with a bit of nostalgia.
Here's a list from 2003, almost fifteen years ago.

[C 22] Dank will be performing in the Jurassic Lounge all week. [nh] (deaf)
[J 1] Rusvul the Neophyte Jedi
[C 26] Pico Blue your my boy Blue
[C 25] Nicichilada the Reverend <QUEST>
<IMM> Mina - A child of war. A child of battle. A child of death. [SWANK] <QUEST>
[M 26] Silverking <QUEST>
<IMM> Sabra says, 'Go go gadget Goths!' [PEZ] <QUEST>
[J 19] Essence of life = Beer. Long live the [SHIV] <QUEST>
[C 27] Logos the Mediocre Word <QUEST>
<DEMI>SirLaughalot the Paladin of Many Teeth. [Decade of Destuction]
[R 27] StingestII the Master of the Lost Ways <QUEST>
[M 30] Krog [PEZ][SWANK] <QUEST> (AFK)
[M 30] Drowloft is Tank-Mage extraodinaire [DROW] {The-Circus} <QUEST>
[R 24] Dryad the Protector of the Elven Village <QUEST>
[R 30] Performa of clan [INC] (invis) <QUEST>
[M 30] Locator sleeps here. Where? In your dreams, or what? <QUEST>
[R 29] Peril C'mon! C'mon! Papa needs a new garland! No whammies! {BROZ} (deaf) <QUEST>

Here's a wholist from 1997:

[C 28] Draz [M 7] Lyric Jewel Denisac 

[T 5] Freeman [J 9] BA [M 2] Fylli [R 29] Bigguy 

[J 6] RedBaron [R 30] Apoge Michael [C 28] Laria 

[M 14] Elendil [C 25] Clutch [W 18] Herm Subartic 

[T 7] Parahan Pleasantry [R 24] Pullvy [C 30] Kisa 

[T 22] Gaap [R 29] Dart [C 30] Ezekiel [T 1] Beauti 

[C 27] PartsII [W 28] Caramon Lancelot [T 17] Donga 

[M 14] Villus [R 25] Panda [J 1] Kintai [C 30] Widget 

[R 15] Goathead Rhoubve [C 30] Get [R 29] Kez 

[R 20] Duplo [C 23] Sati [C 30] Bug [C 10] Firefly 

[T 27] Gu [J 29] SirRet [C 22] BenII [J 30] Kiljoy 

Eden [C 27] Xon