Midgaard (Cleric Guild)Edit




Yagli is from an old order of JediMudders who date back to the days of Stimpy. Along with Socks, Yagli formed [NJHUA]. Many have asked and now it is revealed that [NJHUA] stands for New JHU Alliance. One of the original clans, JHU Alliance eventually spawned [KHFC]. Although the order is old and dying, Socks and Yagli continue to teach its traditions. Yagli pays tribute to those who played before him including Alydar, Brown, Shamino, Wiggles, Pug, Kensai, Helix, Darkwing, Bearing and Zeep. Soon Yagli will pass the torch to Socks, Ragnar, Ray, BahamatII, WarriorII, and Bernny, but for now pass through him and practice before your guildmaster.