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ZMUD 7.21Edit

ZMUD is a popular MUD text client provided by Zugg Software, Inc. (
Zugg Software was created by Mike Potter (Zugg), the creator of the popular zMUD program. Starting as a hobby in 1995, then moving into Shareware in 1996 as an official business, Zugg was able to quit his daytime management position in September 1997 to pursue Zugg Software fulltime. Zugg Software incorporated in January 2006.
Mike's Internet handle, Zugg, has its origin in the Dungeons & Dragons™ role playing games of the 1970s. If you are interested in the story behind Zugg, you can read both the role playing story, as well as the real-life story.
Zugg Software is a S-Corp, with two employees (Zugg, and his wife Chiara). Zugg is the owner, programmer, and floor sweeper. However, Zugg has had lots of help in bringing quality software to the Internet. zMUD "Gurus" help with answering questions on the Forums and with testing pre-release versions of zMUD. Gurus nominate and vote for other Gurus based upon the quantity and quality of messages being posted to the forums. Last, but not least, Zugg's wife, Chiara, handles most of the day-to-day email support.
The web site is run by which provides 24-hr system support, a dedicated 2 Ghz Pentium server running linux, and a fast OC3 connection to the Internet.

ZMUD Interface LayoutEdit

With the introduction of limited multi-play, the client interface becomes even more important than when JediMUD was a solo only text mud.
The ability to manage a large number of classes real-time can be handled by these graphical mud clients.
Here is an example of a ZMUD client interface:
Zmud desktop

CMUD is the latest c++ release of the original ZMUD code base.